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Rivera Kennels French Bulldog Puppies

We have had so many french bulldog puppies at Riviera Kennels. Some we have bread and others we have purchased from other breeders. This page is our frenchies when they were little but most of them on this page are fully grown now. There will be more photos added to this page when we have the next litter. Well if the puppies can sit still long enough to get a photo. As you can see in the video, they are energetic as puppies and it is difficult to get these perfect shots unless they are sleeping.

A day in the yard with our biggest litter of french bulldogs. We call them the luck 7!

French Bulldog Puppies Playing in the Kitchen

Nattie made new Friends

Paisley the Canadian Princess

French Bulldog puppy Paisley
Paisley coming home
Paisly French bulldog puppie
Just a happy frenchie


Bread By Riviera Kennels: Desperado, Toby, and Ari

Ari French Bulldog Puppy
Ari getting her glamer shot.
Desperado French Bulldog Puppy
Toby Ari and Desperado French Bulldog Puppies
The 3 Amigos

Bread By Riviera Kennels: Tess and Bubba Litter

Bubba & Tess
Home on wheels!
Bubba & Tess 2
Just enjoying the dog room. Yes they have their own room at our house.






Bread by Riviera Kennels: Tess and Fargo Litter

Kiss playing in a box
French Bulldog Puppy Kiss
The Amazing Kiss


Little Cash









Shania as a puppy.

Trip home from Canada
Shania 2
Show girl in the making