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French Bulldogs For Sale.

On this page, we will have Riviera Kennels “for sale list.” There are two options we offer to our customers. We sell both puppies and retired show dogs.  Please read this page to learn what the best choice is for you. Then contact us on our website or call Sharon at (435) 669-3295.

For puppy buyers, we will put qualified homes on a waiting list. Sharon will contact you if we have puppies at the current time or an administrator will email you about the current situation. If you would like a retired show dog, we list them on this page after the descriptions of our two types of dogs we sell. We will sell retired show dogs once a qualified home is found.

French Bulldog Puppies

Riviera Kennels is a French Bulldog breeder, but like the home  page says we breed a limited amount of puppies because we want to breed quality litters instead of large quantities. Each breeding is well planned out ahead of time; there is health testing done on both the male and female, and we make careful planning arrangements because breeding takes a lot of time and energy.

There are reasons why people enjoy receiving a dog from an experienced handler, show home, and breeder. We have happy customers because the dogs leave to their forever home potty trained and used to living in a home atmosphere. This isn’t something that most dog breeders do for their clients.

Retired Show dogs

We also sell retired dogs that are normally 3 to 5 years old. We always want them to go to a good forever home. This is a great option for people because the dog is mature and Sharon spends time and energy training these dogs for the show ring.

Along with the training, these dogs get used to being around people and other dogs. The great thing about a retired show dogs is we know them well, and we will try to make the best match for the dog and the new owner because each French Bulldog has their own unique personality. The only thing we can’t promise is that the dog your receiving hasn’t been spoiled a little.

Retired Champion Bulldogs Available:

 If you are looking for a retired show dog, call Sharon to learn more about the dogs we have available. These are special dogs and she wants them to go to the right home. 

Puppies Available:

Sorry, at the current time there aren’t any puppies available. If you are interested in a puppy, please join our mailing list. 

Let me know when you are breeding puppies

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