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Why is Rivera Kennels Addressing Fad Colors?

As breeders, we receive phone calls from different people who we enjoy getting to know. Often times the people who ask about French Bulldogs love the breed as much we do. The reason Riviera Kennels is doing an article on fad color French Bulldogs is that we only breed AKC colors. The blue and fad color French Bulldogs are not up to the standards of The French Bulldog Club of America. In fact, they speak out against anyone breeding “fad colored” French Bulldogs because there are risks involved with owning and breeding these.

They bring up three important points on the page “No Fad Colors”

  1. Breeders lose site of ethics when breeding fad colors. The fad or “rare color” breeders are into breeding for the money and not for the well-being of the French Bulldog breed. It is a fact that blue color French Bulldogs have health problems. Riviera Kennels refuses to breed fad colors for the wellness of the breed.
  2. The public needs education on this subject. Riviera Kennels has received calls from both southern Utah and the United States. This is one area that will hit home for many French bulldog breeders because the public doesn’t understand the difference between a show quality dog, a pet, or a fad color dog.
  3. The fad color dogs have genes that need breed out. All dogs have their health problems; however blue and exotic color french bulldogs are known for having health problems. Some of the major problems these dogs get are skin, liver, and vision issues. There are pictures floating around the internet showing blue French Bulldogs with skin problems. These are so graphic that I didn’t want to re-post them on our website.
French Buldogs
This image shows the difference between fad and correct colors of French Bulldogs.
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